Sunday, September 9, 2012


     As some of you may have noticed, the week in comic posts haven't been going up on Wednesdays anymore. This is because I've made some changes in my life that have led to me actually having things to do. While this is a good thing, I end up with less time, and more time spent on activities where I can relax my brain and body. All of these have led to me not even really reading comics for pleasure. That and the #0 month not making me excited to read anything. 
     SO, I am taking September off. No podcasts, which isn't much of a change, and no Week in Comics until October rolls around. Hopefully I can come back a bit more fresh and actually want to work on stuff instead of feeling guilty for not doing anything. I'd like to get back to wanting to write episodes instead of dreading it.
     I will probably be tweeting about random things, including comics when I get around to them, on twitter @BatIssues if you want to keep up. Maybe you can even figure out what kind of school I'm going to now.